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Yoooo so I've been in this situation of "mutual like" with a guy for several months now with absolutely no moves being made (he's really shy/gentlemanly) but I recruited him to build me a shelf in my dorm room so he's going to come over soon... How can I make it a "I LIKE YOU ASK ME OUT PLZ" situation without just outright kissing him? Haha

AWWWWWWWWWWWW ok bud as much as this sucks you’re probably going to have to be the one to ask him out if he hasn’t already asked you. Some guys take a really long time to build up the nerve lol. Just be casual about it, “hey we should like go do ______ sometime” “why dont we hangout more? what are you doing this weekend?” “wanna grab dinner after you build this lovely shelf?” stuff like that! you don’t have to straight up be like “date me” and obviously he’s not going to want to be the one who’s forward about it.

but like outright kissing him is ballsy girl if you do that and it works out damn like that’s a fun start 

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Fave All Time Low songs??

jasey rae, time bomb, coffe shop soundtrack, remembering sunday, if these sheets were the states, somewhere in neverland, & break your little heart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i unfortunately really like all time low!!!!!!!!!!


Well this happened today…crowd couldn’t get enough! [X]


my jam

ty Jesus